Twister Double-Headed Sock Poi

Twister Double-Headed Sock Poi by Speevers

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Twister double headed sock poi set

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Try this double headed sock poi if you’re really up for a challenge.

Enjoy the true experience of spinning with the incredible Twister.
Twister is made of UV-reactive mesh fabric.
Add 4 glowing balls and you’ll have a true carnival of lights.
Each set comes with two pairs of adjustable-weight sandbags (*) for self-filling.

Twister is currently only available in one colour option:

  • Black / White

* The packaging refers to these weight bags as “sandbags”, however we do not recommend using sand or other fine-particulates as they tend to leak and make a mess. Suitable alternatives include rice, dried peas, soft fabrics, tennis balls and many other household materials. If sand (or similar) is used, consider double-bagging the media using a strong plastic bag to prevent leakage.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 190 × 130 × 25 mm


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