Pix:L Spectra-16 Pixel Poi

Pix:L Spectra-16 LED Pixel Poi V3

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Pix:L Spectra-16 V3

  • 4 Colour, 32 Pattern LED Pixel Poi (Pair)
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Pix:L Spectra-16 V3 

4 Colour, 32 Pattern LED Pixel Poi

Pix:L is a range of LED Persistence-Of-Vision Graphic Pixel Flow-Toys created by LED Illusions to bring exciting pixel graphic props into the Hobby, Amateur and Semi Pro arenas at a sensible, affordable price.
Our first product,  the Pix:L Spectra-16 Pixel Poi. has been incredibly popular since its launch in November with orders coming in from all around the world.
V3 is now available which introduces our new quick-change detachable leash system giving you flexibility to change leash and handle combinations with a minimum of fuss. If you share your poi with someone else, why not each have your own pair of leashes to avoid constantly re-adjusting lengths? Additional leash sets are available on our poi accessories page.
The V3 also has faster battery charging (suitable USB power source required) and more functionality to its charging status LED.


  • 32 super-bright, high efficiency LEDs (16 per side, four different colours)
  • 32 Pre-Programmed Patterns
  • Fully Rechargeable. (Around 2 Hours Charging for up to 8 Hours Use)
  • USB Charging Cable Supplied
  • Tough Polycarbonate Capsule (Length: 170mm, Diameter: 30mm. Weight: 105g)
  • Heavy Duty Ball-Bearing Swivel
  • Quick-change Detachable ColeCord Flowleash System
  • Available with Loop or Ball Style Handles
  • Motion Sensor Controls Standby Mode to Prolong Battery Life
  • Shutdown plugs (included) turn the poi fully-off for storage or transportation.
Please note: A standard 5v USB-A type power source is required for charging but not included.
You can use anything that conforms to USB2.0 standard (5v 500mA) such as  AC Adapter / PC / Laptop / Power Bank / Etc. The new Fast-charge mode requires a minimum of 1A (2A if using dual cable to charge both poi)

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 250 × 160 × 160 mm
Handle Type

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