About Us

Welcome to www.led-illusions.co.uk

LED Illusions was started in 2018 by Kevin Wagener, an Electronics Engineer and IT Consultant with over 25 years experience in the IT & Consumer Electronics industries.

The concept originally began in Autumn 2017 as a DIY project to make an affordable alternative to the extremely expensive “Pixel” Poi available. Whilst the expensive products are extremely good, they are aimed squarely at the professional market and priced accordingly.

The concept itself is very simple and relies on something called Persistence Of Vision (POV for short), which is basically the human eye’s inability to keep up with fast moving objects. Simplified, our eyes can’t keep up with a fast moving object so we see it for a fraction of a second after it has actually left the space we see it in. By flashing pixels, or LEDs at a sufficient speed, we can trick our eye into thinking it’s actually seeing a picture built up of several rows of the same LEDs!

There is absolutely nothing new about this concept, in fact John Logie Baird used the exact same principle to broadcast the first television picture in 1924 and to this day, it is still the principle behind the pictures you see on your TV screen.

Our aim is to create innovative, exciting products that produce exciting images and graphics, but at a price within reach of amateur, less experienced spinners. We recognise that there are many enthusiasts that don’t yet have the confidence to experiment with fire and are not committed to the point where they can justify spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on professional products.